MST Activities

Weekend School

MST offers Islamic school in Somali, Arabic, Norwegian and English on Saturdays and Sundays to over 100+ children and young boys and girls.

Mosque Visit

Every year 3000-4000 students from schools, high schools and universities visit the mosque to learn about Islam and our activities.

Religious Activities

MST invites Muslim scholars from around the world to various religious programs. Other religious activities such as Koran circle, etc. are also arranged.

Welfare activities

Collection, sorting, packing and delivery of winter clothing to Syria each year. Collection of funds for needy people affected by war or natural disasters.

Eid and Ramadan

MST organizes Iftar and Tarveeh 30 days in the mosque during Ramadan. In addition, Eid prayers are also organized for more than 800 people. Eid and Ramadan festivals are also organized for 250-300 people at NTNU.

Activity Evening

MST organizes activity evenings for young boys and girls in the mosque, where they make new friends, play games together and learn about Islam.

Sports Activities

MST organizes many sports activities for boys, girls, men and women. These include bowling, swimming and other indoor and outdoor sports.

Women Meeting

Female members of our mosque organize weekly women's gathering on weekends to discuss religious issues, learn Quran and Tafseer.