Construction Project


  • The mosque is located in a historic building of four floors, built in 1760.
  • Located in the center of Trondheim.
  • The total area of ​​the building is 2,500 square meters, only 600 square meters (first floor) is in use.
  • In 2014-16, MST renovated the first floor, front façade, pillars (one side of the building) at a cost of approx. NOK 8 million.
  • At the moment, the usable area of ​​the mosque is not sufficient to meet the needs of MST's activities.
  • More than 10,000 Muslims live in Trondheim, but no "Jamia masjid" is located here.
  • The prayer hall is not big enough for the Friday prayer.
  • 200 children are registered for weekend school and many children are still on the waiting list.
  • Lack of classrooms makes it impossible to enroll more students.
  • Very small female prayer area where no more than 20 women can offer their prayers.

Important Functions

Plans for the first and second floor

Plans for the 3rd floor

Project Documentation

You can view and download the full plan of all four floors of the mosque for this construction project using the links below

How can you help?

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