The Muslim Society in Trondheim (MSiT) is a religious organization that receives grants from the Norwegian government to manage the entire organization and the mosque today. These grants are based upon the number of members registered with the organization. Therefore, it is requested that anyone who has permission to live / study / work (with 11-digit social security number) in Trondheim, register themselves and their family members in the organization. It costs nothing to be a member of a religious organization.

It is important to note that a person can only be registered with one organization at a time. Therefore, if you are already registered with another organization, and want to register with MSiT, you must unsubscribe yourself from the previous organization by contacting them directly.

Use this form and send it to the religious organization (mosque) from which you wish to sign out you and your family: Sign Out Form

If you are unsure where you are a member, contact brreg on 75 00 75 00 for information.