The Muslim community in Trondheim (MST) was established in 1990 following the initiative of a small group of Muslim students at NTNU. MST is a non-profit, religious and cultural organization that aims to serve the interests of Islam and the Muslim community in Norway in such a way that its members can practice Islam as a perfect way of life. MST also aims to convey Islam's vision and message to Norwegian society.

MST promotes mutual understanding and friendly relations between Muslims and non-Muslims. Through its work, it seeks to see all citizens, regardless of their color, background, ethnicity, economic class and political affiliation, living in dignity and peace with one another. This is because Islam aims to break barriers that divide people and restore dignity to all people. This was the mission of all God's messengers, and this is the mission that MST delivers to the best of its abilities and resources.

MST consists of three bodies (Imam Office, Shura and Board) which actively run their organization and always refer to the Qur'an and Hadith.